Can I have first pick?

First pick is not the best way to get a pup that suits you. A lot depends on what you plan to do with your pup. We’ve found that owners end up very satisfied when we discuss their preferences/plans and work together. You know what you want, and it’s our job to study each litter and work with each pup daily so we can help you pick the pup that is right for you.

I don’t know if I want a male or female. What’s the difference?

Generally speaking, males are bigger and stronger and have an easier-going nature. Females tend to be smaller and may be more sensitive and less forgiving.

I want my pup to live in the house. Is this okay for a hunting dog?

Yes, if you’re willing to establish rules and boundaries and become your pup’s leader in the house. This is a good approach for all dogs but it’s essential for the hunting dog. I recommend reading Cesar’s Way by Cesar Milan for an excellent introduction to the basics of dog psychology.

I’m looking for a pup that will be a family dog.

You might do better talking to a different breeder. Many Piney Run pups have horseback field trial potential while others go to bird hunters who hunt frequently and regularly throughout the season. Our pups may have more run and desire to find birds than you would be comfortable with. However litters can vary, so please be sure and call us.

I’m looking for a field trial prospect.

Genetics are the foundation of a good bird dog. Many of our Piney Run litters have National Champions and Field Trial Champions in their pedigrees, and pups from these litters may have more field trial potential than pups from litters lacking titled dogs in their pedigrees. Please inquire.

Will my dog do okay living in a kennel?

The short answer is yes. Given the choice, most Brits prefer outdoor kennels during the day because they love the outdoors and find many exciting things of interest including birds, squirrels, insects, etc. Regardless of where your pup lives, remember quality time far outweighs quantity time. It’s what you do with your pup that really matters. Here at Piney Run Kennel, all of our dogs live in kennels. Each dog has a 4×4 inside run and a 4×10 outside run as well as a fenced-in yard to play.

What is the most important thing to do with my pup when I bring him home?

Take your pup for walks in the cover you plan to hunt. To be on the safe side, we usually wait until the pup is around 12 weeks old and has completed three rounds of puppy shots. Once your pup is bold on the ground and not afraid of the cover, he or she is ready to introduce to birds.

How many litters do you have a year?

We average one to two litters a year. We are choosy and deliberate and always aim for quality.

Do you think you are kennel-blind?

Fair question! Probably a bit, although I try very hard to be objective and work with an excellent team of professionals who provide honest and clear feedback. Piney Run Kennel has a reputation for integrity and honesty as well as for the outstanding quality of our pups.

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