Health Guarantee

We guarantee a pup that has been de-wormed and has his/her shot record up-to-date. Your pup should be free of congenital abnormalities and infectious diseases at time of delivery. We further guarantee your pup to be free of any genetic disease that causes death or serious impairment of vital functions for 30 months. In the unlikely event that this should happen, please do the following:

  • Return your pup and registration papers for a full refund of the original purchase price.
  • Return your pup and registration papers for a replacement pup from a comparable breeding at our discretion.

This guarantee is void if your pup has suffered physical trauma or has been sold. Copies of diagnoses, lab tests, and radiographs must be sent to us by the veterinarian that performed the procedures. All shipping expenses including by air or delivery to the kennel are the owner’s responsibility.

OFA Guarantee

We guarantee OFA certification before 30 months of age. While hip dysplasia is a serious genetic problem, it rarely causes serious impairment in Brittanys and many dysplastic dogs lead healthy active lives; however, these dogs should not be bred. If the dog does not pass OFA, radiographs must be sent to us and reviewed by Clarksville Veterinary Clinic. We will give you a replacement puppy upon return of the dog’s registration papers and proof of spaying or neutering signed by the veterinarian or reach some other satisfactory agreement.

Started Dog Guarantee

If you purchase a started dog, you must come to the kennel and see the dog. Once you purchase the dog, the dog belongs to you. If a training problem develops, we will work with you to resolve it. Health and OFA guarantees apply to started dogs.

Stud Service Guarantee

If you breed to one of our stud dogs or purchase frozen semen, we guarantee two live pups or a return service within a year if the dog is living. If not, we will work with you to come to a satisfactory agreement. No refunds are issued. Prospective females must be OFA certified and a negative Brucellosis test is required.

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