Started Dogs

Started Pups are 4 to 15 months old. Depending on maturity, they may have been introduced to birds, gunfire and the e-collar. Some have been worked on early release quail and have field trial experience. Started Dogs are 15 months and up. They have begun formal training and are at different levels of learning to be steady-to-wing-and-shot.

We try to keep one or two pups from each litter to start and often have a started pup available. Some pups we hang onto longer and they become started dogs. We don’t always get these pups/dogs listed on our website or our Facebook page, so if you are looking for something started, please email Martha or call her and she will do her best to help you.

If you buy a started pup/dog from us, we’d like you to come to the kennel and see him or her. We want you to have a clear idea of what is reasonable to expect training-wise. Once the purchase is made, the pup/dog belongs to you. If a training problem develops, we will do our best to work with you to resolve it. Our Health and OFA guarantees apply to started pups/dogs.

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