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We are a small hobby kennel. Our Store offers books on pointing dogs and the 2016 Maurice Lindley Seminar DVD videotaped at Piney Run Kennel. Checks, cash, MoneyGrams and postal money orders are accepted. We do not take credit cards and sincerely apologize for any inconvenience. You will need to mail us your payment and we will mail your item(s). If you have questions, please email us at: or PM us and we will promptly get back to you. Books and DVDs are mailed 1st Class or Media Mail. If you are ordering multiple items, please contact us as we may be able to save you some money on shipping. Checks, etc. should be made out to Martha Greenlee and mailed to:

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Books and DVDs

Special Offer! Buy “Training with Mo” and “Training Tips” together for $50
(both books autographed, shipping included).

By: Martha H. Greenlee

Martha Greenlee has once again put together a compact useful guide that will be of benefit in training your bird dog. Designed to take with you to the training field, this book isn’t about how to train as much as it is about how to think about training. Ideas for the tips came from everyday situations of working dogs and include problems and questions Martha encountered as she trained her dogs using the Bill West method.

Hardcover (autographed), 117 pages—$25 plus $5 shipping

Readers’ comments:

“I am so glad that the training tips were put into book form. Martha’s tips are tried, true and proven. This book will be a great help to pointing dogs and their owners. Martha is a gifted writer and talented trainer. Put it in your gear bag or dash of your truck, refer to it often. Your dogs will thank you.” Maurice Lindley, pro trainer, SC.

“This book is loaded with good information about bird dog training you’ll not find elsewhere. I have two copies: one for study at home and the other in my training kit for ready reference afield.” John Rogers, professional writer and amateur trainer, OH.

THE BRITTANY: Amateurs Training with Professionals (2nd Edition)
By: Martha H. Greenlee and David A. Webb

This book will enable amateur pointing dog trainers to train hunting dogs they will be proud of and field trial dogs that will win. New information in the second edition includes the addition of a seventh professional trainer, Maurice Lindley. Maurice’s techniques for using bird launchers to teach stop-to-flush is described as well as how he starts young dogs to prepare them for formal training. This edition also includes a section on gun safety. Discussions of scent and how to build an early-release system for quail are included in the appendixes. Soft cover and 126 pages. For excerpts, please see Nine Articles (Articles) that were developed from this book and appeared in American Brittany magazine.

Soft cover (autographed), 126 pages—$25 plus $5 shipping

Maurice Lindley Seminar 2016  (DVD)

Feel like you are part of this three-day seminar as you watch Mo go from introducing pups to gamebirds to putting manners on young dogs to the finished product. Listen as he explains how the dog dictates when you move from one training level to the next and answers question from the group.

Videotaped at Piney Run Kennel and produced by Martha Greenlee the DVD includes three discs—Early Training, Formal Training and Teaching the Force Fetch. There are a total of almost 3 hours of video, 9 chapters and a Viewing Guide to make the DVD easy to follow.

DVD — $50 plus $5 shipping

TRAINING WITH MO — How Maurice Lindley Trains Pointing Dogs
By: Martha H. Greenlee

Focusing on how to best train pointing dogs and doing it with compassion, this book captures the West Method of training as applied and refined by Maurice. Soft cover and 94 pages. Reader’s comments: “If it were within my power and resources to do so, I would buy this book for every trainer, pro or amateur, novice or veteran, in North America. Maurice Lindley understands the bird dog’s psyche so well that harsh training methods are never required and his approach works with dogs of all temperaments, from timid to bold; even dogs damaged by previous bad training.” John Rogers, professional writer and amateur trainer, OH.


“Very organized and well explained. I wish I’d had this book seven years ago. My life would have been a lot simpler.” Rick Durham, teacher and amateur trainer, SC.

“I enjoyed reading the book and was amazed that the details of this method stated in the book are so easily observed while watching Maurice train a dog in the field.” Marlene Ventura, college administrator and pointing dog enthusiast, SC.

Soft cover (autographed), 92 pages—$25 plus $5 shipping.

Edited By Martha H. Greenlee and David A. Webb

An anthology of stories about hunting dogs, field trial dogs, and Brittanys written by John Taintor Foote, Havilah Babcock, Ray Holland, Charles Waterman, Tom Word, and others dating from the early 1930’s to 2005. This book is available from Glade Run Press at

Hardcover (autographed), 158 pages—$25 plus $5 shipping